Hundhausen supplies new 110 x 6.3 mm HDPE cable duct pipe with integrated push-fit sockets for military air base in Wunstorf / Germany

Hundhausen cable conduit ensures safe power supply for airfield and its new radar systems. Installation of the conduit for the runway lighting posed particular challenges. All conduit sections were measured and placed with highest precision through installation passages drilled in the runway.

The German armed forces will invest roughly € 360 million in Wunstorf air base to upgrade for a new generation of transport aircraft. The Airbus A400M, which will replace the ageing Transall transport planes currently in use, will be phased in starting in 2015.

Due to the longer distances required for problem-free takeoff and landing of the A400M, the East-West runway had to be extended to a length of 2499 m. This work began in 2009. The North-South runway was also completely renovated to safely bear weights and stresses from the new transport aircraft. Papenburg GmbH & Co KG was commissioned with the civil engineering work in the project.

Apart from the runways themselves, many other areas of the airbase will be worked on in the coming months and years. A new hall will be built for flight simulators to train crews of the new A400M aircraft. Construction of the hall will start in Spring of 2012. A technician training facility is scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2014. Foreseen as well are a new hangar, maintenance building, washing facility, expanded parking areas and a new de-icing station. The A400M is an aircraft of giant proportions. With a length of almost 45 m, it is some 13 m longer than the Transall. Yet another reason why everything at Wunstorf air base must be bigger and better.

Hundhausen Multiple Cable-Conduit Pipe Supplied on Returnable Drums

HDPE polyethylene pipe for underground cable conduit.
HDPE polyethylene pipe for underground cable conduit.

The project shown above called for installation of a new cable network with several cable lines in parallel along a narrow, heavily trafficked road. Project requirements specified no interruption and only minimal disruption of traffic on the road.  Hundhausen-Kunststofftechnik GmbH had the solution: multiple HDPE conduit pipes supplied on the company's own returnable drums. The cable conduit is available in standard diameters of 32 / 40 / 50 and 63 mm. Provided rolled on drums or also in ring coils in a wide range of different versions, our HDPE cable conduit pipe manufacturing conforms with German standards DIN 16874 and DIN 16876 as well as well-known international standards.

Hundhausen always has the solution, whether your project calls for open-trench laying or trenchless laying by modern technologies such as horizontal jet drilling. Our pipes can be provided with smooth or grooved inner surfaces in accordance with your requirements. Coloured I.D. stripes and order-specific marking are also available to provide problem-free identification on site. Every pipe length produced is checked for dimensional accuracy during manufacturing and then subjected to leak testing. Various drum sizes are available in accordance with customer preferences and site requirements. For many years, Hundhausen HDPE cable-duct multi pipe has made a name for itself for reliability and quality with enthusiastic customers in numerous projects in Germany and worldwide.